Welcome to My Blog


Welcome to my writer’s blog!

The fact that it was born today, February 1, 2016, the month of Valentine’s Day, the month “for lovers,” makes me feel like falling in love—with words, that is. I’m in love with words and how they dance and flip and soar and land and move us with their power, but what I love most, is writing them down.


In my more than a couple decades on the planet, I’ve come to the realization that your true calling is something that chooses you, not something you choose. As my acting teacher in college said on the very first day of class (acting, I discovered, is not my true calling) “Some of you will make it early in life. Some of you will make it late. Some of you won’t make it at all.” I found them to be horribly harsh words at that moment in my 18 year-old life. But once you determine for yourself—and only YOU can determine it, my friend—what making it means to you, though the work may be hard, the choice is simple. If you don’t give up on whatever it is you’re passionate about, you’ll make it. If you give up, you won’t.

So, this is me moving forward on my true calling. I love that you’re here to share the journey with me. So read, enjoy, feel, think, be moved, respond, speculate, and thank you for letting me share with you the stuff in my head.

My way is write.



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